35 years of experience

We deliver our brand "Splash Softdrinks", a top-of-the-line Austrian postmix product, to the hotel and food service industry, commercial kitchens and communal installations.

Our master of syrup-productionist comes with a total of 35 years in experience!

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Premium quality post-mix lemonades from Austria

And all that at an unbeatable cost effectiveness. Naturally our syrup recipes and the wealth of experience of our syrup master gained in the last 35 years are of the highest value to us!
Clean processing and longtime partners guarantee our customers a steady and stable quality.
Extremely important: we do not produce (SCHREIBFEHLER IM DEUTSCHEN TEXT) to lay in stock or vast amounts in large batches. We have a relatively small stock and produce on demand for our partners.

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After considering several suppliers in (FEHLER IM DEUTSCHEN TEXT) the field of dispensing systems and carbonators, we decided to collaborate with the wallatec company.

The unique combination of being inventor, producer and partner concerning the equipment, enables us to provide a highly interesting range of services – from single components such as the virtually indestructible carbonators to innovations like the fully automatic QR-Code order handling.

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Our references

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Ask us: we realize almost every wish concerning post-mix lemonades.